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HES is one of the leading pioneers of the guaranteed rent service in London. We currently have over 300 properties within our guaranteed rental scheme and are continually looking to add to this. Through the service offered, we strive to be the first point of contact for all types of landlords, and our aim is to give you a stress free and transparent experience. Our existing valued clients appreciate the simplicity and speed of our services, which then allows them to plan for the future with the knowledge of a guaranteed fixed income every month.

HES are also professional landlords with a portfolio of residential properties across London and so fully understand the concerns and requirements of landlords.

When we take on your property, we have a vested interest in its upkeep; and will exercise the same due diligence as if it were one of our own. Our offering is simple, we have no management or lettings fees and there are absolutely no hidden charges to you for using our services.

We select the best tenants for your property by working in association with specialist companies such as Tenant History. We ensure that all properties are checked periodically and a close one to one relationship is maintained with each tenant, to ensure that your property is well looked after. We not only invest in properties, but also in relationships with our landlords and tenants, which has resulted in our services having been retained by our clients for many years.

At HES, we understand the increasing costs of letting and managing your property, which does not include the risks associated with rent arrears, void periods and tenant evictions. However we can assure you that by choosing HES, you will be surprisingly pleased with the substantial savings that you stand to make.

The rent we will offer will be as close to the current rental market rate for your property as possible. It is dependent on various factors, such as the location, the condition and the size etc.

You will see from the illustration below that even with a slightly lower rental offering of £270 per week from HES, you are still guaranteed to make a substantial saving against securing a rent of £280 per week using an Estate Agent.



The above illustration is indicative of renting a property under a 3 year fixed term tenancy
Costs maybe higher if there was more than one continuous tenancy over the 3 year period 
The comparison does not include utility bills payable by the landlord during any void period
In the event that you would have to commence possession proceedings to evict your tenant, the process could last anywhere up to 6 months, with you incurring court and solicitors fees, usually in the region of £1,500. This does not include any further losses incurred as a result of your tenant ceasing to pay rent during this period
VAT has been calculated at the rate of 20%
* Source – www.landlords.org.uk (2013)
** Agents commission fee on a sliding scale for Yr1, Yr2 & Yr3
*** One off Pre-tenancy Administration fee
**** One off Pre-tenancy Deposit registration fee