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Below we have endeavoured to answer any questions you may have; if however you have any further questions or would like any further information then please contact us.

Q1: How does the rent guarantee scheme work?

We will become your tenant for the fixed term of usually 3 years. We offer you a guaranteed fixed amount of rent each month. You will receive your rent on time every month regardless of whether your property is occupied or vacant.

During the tenancy we will sublet your property to our tenants, who range from professionals to overseas postgraduate students and families. At the end of the lease term your property will be returned to you with vacant possession. 

Q2: What types of property are you interested in?

We have a requirement for all types of properties which are suitable for letting, from studio flats to 6 bedroom houses.

Q3: Should the property be furnished?

Most of the time we would require the property to be furnished. The minimum furnishings required are:

Living room and kitchen:
      • Sofa suite
      • Dining table and chairs 
      • Kitchen white goods (fridge freezer, washing machine, cooker and oven) 
In each bedroom:
      • Bed base with mattress
      • Wardrobe and chest of drawers 
      • Curtains or suitable window covering 

Q4: If my property is required unfurnished, do I still need to supply any white goods?

If the property is required unfurnished, landlords will still be required to supply the kitchen white goods (fridge freezer, washing machine, cooker and oven), window coverings and suitable flooring.

Q5: What documentation would I have to provide to you?

For any property we take on we would require the following documents:
      • Title Plan / Register documents
      • Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) 
      • Electrical Installation Condition (EICR)
      • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Q6: If I don’t have the required EPC, Gas and Electrical certificates, are you able to arrange them?

Yes; we work with fully qualified engineers and companies who carry out inspections and provide the certificates. 

Q7: How much rent do you pay?

The rent we will offer will be as close to the current rental market rate for your property. It is dependent on various factors, such as the location, the condition and the size etc. To get a more accurate figure, please contact us and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you.

Q8: What fees do you charge for the service?

None. We do not charge you any commission, management, admin or renewal fees or any other extra hidden fees. 

Q9: How do you earn money?

We work on margins. We look at the market rate for your property and then deduct our margin. Often we can see an angle on your property which can increase the rent, allowing us to offer you a competitive figure. 

Q10: How long is the lease agreement?

We specialise in long term rentals and a typical lease agreement is 3 years, however, we can discuss this according to your requirements.

Q11: Who is responsible for the bills?

The tenant is responsible for paying all the utility bills and council tax. We arrange for the bills to be transferred in to the tenant’s name. 

Q12: What if my property is vacant anytime during the tenancy?

You will receive the rent regardless of whether your property is vacant or occupied and you will not be liable for any utility bills.

Q13: What if my property is already let and managed by an estate agent?

That is no problem. If your property is currently rented, we would still be happy to give you an initial assessment. You can then decide on whether you would like to use our services after the current tenancy expires. 

Q14: What if I’m away for months at a time, who will keep in touch with me?

Your property manager will be in regular contact with you, as per your requirements. You specify the information you would like and the frequency. They can provide you with monthly statements and updates after every inspection or you can leave everything to us and choose only to be contacted in the event, should we need to. 

Q15: What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease agreement you can either renew the lease for another fixed period or simply take your property back under your own management. 

Q16: How will I receive my property back once the lease term has ended?

We ensure that we will hand your property back to you in the same or sometimes even in better condition than when we took it over, subject to an allowance for fair wear and tear in line with the schedule of condition report carried out at the beginning of the lease/tenancy. 

Q17: What if your tenants don’t move out of my property? Will I have to deal with evictions or other legal disputes?

No. At the end of the lease, we will give you vacant possession of your property. Evictions are rare but they can happen and we take care of everything from start to finish. 

Q18: What criteria do you use to choose a sub tenant?

All of our tenants are thoroughly vetted and handpicked. We take a full application on each and every tenant that we place in our clients properties. This allows us to access their financial responsibility and previous accommodation history. We also work with Tenant History which allows us to obtain a tenants track record with previous properties. Our vetting process is very stringent and our property managers are experienced in reading any inconsistencies in the information that the tenant is giving. The tenants are our responsibility so it is imperative for us that we chose the right tenant for your property. 

Q19: What are the benefits of guaranteed rent to me as a landlord?

No void periods, no rent arrears, no commission, no set up fees, no renewal fees or any other ‘hidden extras’. There is also no need to deal with the tenants at all. We can be flexible with payment dates, contract terms and start dates. You just sit back, collect the rent and leave the rest to us.

Q20: Where will you advertise my property?

Over the years we have built strong relations with corporate companies, local authorities, charity organisations and universities, therefore, we are in direct contact with them. In addition we utilise a wide range of marketing channels, both local and national and have accounts with a number of the well-known property portals to advertise and attract qualified tenants for your property.